Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Fritz Family :)

I don't know if you are ready for this family. I may be a tad biased because they happen to be related to me...but seriously this family is amazing. My brother Tom & his wife Jen are an inspiration to me. Their are such loving, involved parents, and have two of the sweetest little girls: Calla & Olive. Spend an afternoon with these girls and you would never guess that they are 2 & 4. Their vocabulary is like that of a little old lady, and they just crack me up! They love to practice their Irish dancing, and above all rock their own unique fashion style. When left up to them, that usually includes butterfly wings, ballet skirts, cowgirl boots or rain boots. Talk about the perfect photo opp! Enjoy :)

This is priceless

Calla is so interested in nature. She can tell you the name of almost any flower you see :)

A true blessing

Seriously...look at them!

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  1. Stacy! I'm so impressed. You are an amazing photographer. One of your MANY talents, I see. I just happened to get on facebook tonight and your status was at the top of my news feed and so I thought I'd look real fast. I wish that you were in Utah so that you could take some pics of Kayley for me. Did you take classes or just teach yourself? I'm getting a lot more into photography and want to buy a nicer camera soon. Anyway, this is turning into a novel, but we def need to talk soon! I love you girl!!