Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Bostics

Here are the Bostics: Garth & Becca, and their adorable daughter Lyla. Garth is the worship leader at Praxis Church in Tempe (and now Arcadia as well) which Joe & I attend. They share our love for the greatest show of all time...LOST! Joe & I hosted weekly LOST parties this last season, and we could always count on the Bostics to be there with the rest of us nerds. But I assure you, there is much more to this family than just LOST lol. I mean look at their daughter...absolutely precious. And she just learned to walk a few days ago!!! Hope you enjoy their laughter & love :) We're looking forward to having you in the neighborhood Bostics!

Check out those blues!

Daddy & daughter moment...so sweet

This street is very special to the Bostics. The church that they were married at & where their daughter was baptized is on College. It's also the street where they had their first home together. This ended up being one of my favorite shots of the day.

Such a beautiful moment...not staged, not posed...capturing the Bostics just as they are.

This photo was a "reenactment" of one of their wedding photos. Of course, they now have an addition to the family that they wanted to show.

My favorite shot of the day

I love the way she so tenderly looks up at her mommy and smiles. Doesn't it just make your heart melt?!

That face is too funny :)

Checking out her reflection

Thanks for a wonderful shoot Bostics!!!

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