Thursday, September 3, 2009

Alicia aka Roommate

Alicia and I were randomly paired up as roommates at ASU our freshman year, and it was totally a God thing. We clicked instantly, and knew that we would be friends for life. To this day, we call each other "roommate"! We both played big roles in each others lives. I watched Alicia turn into a beautiful woman of God, and Alicia later lead me towards Praxis church where I met my husband. Alicia recently moved back to Chicago, so it was a wonderful treat getting to see her when I was back in Wisconsin. Love you Roommate!!!

Love this one of her :)

This chair was just sitting here...waiting for us to use it. I'm sure the owner of the building didn't mind us borrowing it. :)

What a beautiful woman

I love the contrast in this shot

We also borrowed this truck...hope he didn't mind either

One of my favs of the day :)

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