Thursday, October 8, 2009

Megan Jewell-2010 Senior :)

Megan is a senior at Marcos De Niza high school...home of the Padres! She wanted senior photos that were "different", which of course I couldn't wait to give her. Who wants the same old boring studio shots?! No thanks! We decided to head to Downtown Chandler to see what we could find. Hope you enjoy these fun spots as much as we did! Thanks for a great shoot Megan :)

I know you're not supposed to play on the train tracks...but you can't pass up this photo opp ;)

Danger?! Perfect...let's use it!

The flower she got at Young Life Camp...I love the innocence portrayed here.

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  1. These are incredible Stacy! I love the idea of having reps for schools that you and Britt are doing. I wish I would have heard about amazing artists like yourselves to take my senior pics! Love it!